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Kicking Analysis - AFL & Rugby Union

Praxis has conducted a number of sports biomechanics projects for high performance sports bodies. This project assessed kicking technique for pathway athletes at the Brisbane Lions AFL Academy and the ARU QLD Reds Rugby Academy. Drop punts and place kicks were assessed in terms of the technique factors relating to ball speed, distance and accuracy, as well as the player's perception of the quality of the kick. Skill variability was also assessed to determine it's performance functionality for each athlete. What does that mean? Each athlete had multiple kicks analysed to see if they had varying techniques to achieve the same performance outcome, considered a characteristic of experts who can adapt quickly to the constraints (e.g. opponents, ground conditions, match context) around them. This information was used by coaches and the athletes themselves to inform their ongoing skill development programs in each sport.  

Kicking Analysis Montage - Praxis Sport
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