• Marc Portus

Praxis Performance introduces The Pace Doctor

I'm very proud to announce the introduction of the new Pace Doctor service today. This is a specialist analysis service for cricket fast bowlers, and their support staff and coaches, who want to get independent expert analysis to help them bowl faster, swing the ball more, reduce risk of back injury or for those who need an assessment of a potentially illegal bowling action.

There are a range of services available that are suitable for juniors through to international level bowlers, boys or girls, women or men. Bowlers get themselves filmed and submit their video files online at the Pace Doctor site for analysis. They receive a full bowling action assessment and report within 2-7 days, depending on which analysis service they choose.

Optional video debriefing is available for most services, and included for our higher end services "Illegal Action Assessment" and "The HP Quick". Pace Doctor scans the research literature regularly to ensure the latest and most relevant research findings and best practice is incorporated into our analysis services. Further services are planned in the sports medicine and strength & conditioning areas as well.

You can check out Pace Doctor here. Feedback and suggestions are welcome as we'd like to evolve with the needs of cricketers, coaches and their support staff over time.

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